Lors du voyage en Irlande, les élèves ont eu pour mission d’aller à la rencontre d’étudiants de Trinity College et de les interroger sur leur parcours.

Voilà la retranscription de quelques interviews :

Interview of a student in Trinity College

"Hello we are French students and we have to interview a student who works here. Can we interview you ?"

"Yes of course you can !"

"So, how old are you ?"

"I’m nineteen"

"Where are you from ?"

"I’m from Dublin."

"What do you study here ?"

"DEF studies."

"What do you want to do after ?"

"I want to be a speech and language therapist."

"How long ago are you here ?" ( how long have you been here ?)

"It’s my first year here."

"Do you have to pay for study here ?"

"Yes, we have to pay. If the Government doesn’t help you it’s 3000 euros per year. If they help you it can be free, it would depend."

"What do you think about Trinity College ?"

"I love it. I’ve been in other colleges in Ireland and none of them are kind of dublished and Trinity College has links with companies and business."

" Are other students great ?"

"Yes, they are very friendly, like no one is mean."

"What kind of studies did you do before ?"

"Mixed subjects. I did science but we have to study English and Irish."

"Are there students parties here ?"

"Hahaha yes !"

"Thank you for your explanations. Good afternoon."