DRAMA Workshop With Drama Ties Theatre Company International British Section


On February 7th, and also Valentine’s Day, we had two theatre workshops with Jane !

The British section already learned a lot about London culture and traditions from Jane’s play “Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner” She did a great job on the play, including using her body language and voice very clearly.

These workshops gave us the chance to learn more about theatre and body language from the master herself ! We played lots of games which made us use our memories and imaginations, and it also gave the students the chance to practice speaking English very loudly and clearly !

At the end of the workshop, we all got our own Shakespeare scenes, but we were only allowed to say two words : “please” and “no” ! After practicing our English skills, it was now time to rely solely on our body language, which is much easier said than done ! Getting to know each other better, getting to know Jane better, playing games, using our imaginations, practicing our English, learning more about Shakespeare plays, and focusing on using body language as a tool for communication…
What a fantastic experience for us all !

Thank YOU to [bleu violet]Lycée Pissarro[/bleu violet] and [bleu violet]ASBP[/bleu violet], Association des Sections Britanniques de Pontoise, [bleu violet]Drama Ties[/bleu violet], [bleu violet]Jane[/bleu violet] &[bleu violet] Joseph[/bleu violet],[bleu violet] Natasha[/bleu violet] our Canadian language assistant and [bleu violet]Janice[/bleu violet] M2 MEEF trainee.